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The Weeknd - Balloons of Haus (Prod. by Chi Duly)

There are few musical genres more sensual than the more subtle, minimal side of house. I'm not talking about the explosive beats you'd find at a massive rave rife with glowsticks and neon body paint -- this is the kind of house you'd get your slow grind on to at a dark club, the kind of house you could fall in love to. And to appear alongside the oh-so-sexy vocals of The Weeknd's Abel Tesfaye, you've got to be this smooth. Chi Duly gets it, and if you dug Adam Port's "Weekend" a while back, you'll love this.

Chi Duly, a producer, remixer and DJ out of Kokomo, Florida, has had a few Weeknd remixes floating around for a while, but he only just released his full collection of edits, Balloons of Haus, on Tuesday, offering 11 tracks (with a few off each of The Weeknd's three mixtapes) for free download (it seems like it would be almost sinful to ask for money for remixes of music that was originally offered up so graciously). You can stream all of the tracks below -- my highlights were "Coming Down" and "The Zone" but you can draw your own conclusions!

Stream all of the tracks on Soundcloud.

Dance · Hip-Hop · House


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