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Jhameel - "Waves" [Video]

We've all danced around on the beach at some point or another. There's something about the beach that facilitates a sense of laxity, and I often find myself caught in a real life daydream when I'm meandering across the edge of a continent. Jhameel has chosen the sandy highway as the setting for his latest music video, where he dances in the ankle-deep outskirts of the ocean, bouncing around to his groovy tune "Waves." While it doesn't scream as loud as the video for "Shut Up," his latest work certainly packs as much of a punch as any, delivering sex appeal over an array of falsetto and beautiful scenery. The video is beautiful, and has me looking to plan my summer vacation a bit early.

Jhameel has big plans for 2012, so stay tuned to EARMILK for the latest updates on this extraordinary talent.

Indie · Pop


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