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The Shins – "September"

The Shins will be releasing their fourth studio album in about a month, and until that moment comes, myself and every other right-minded indie music lover alive will be scouring the corners of the internet, looking for any bit of new information while waiting for its release. A few days ago The Shins released what is likely going to be the final track before the album drops. "September" is the B-Side off of the single for "Simple Song" which is due for release on Valentine's Day. "September" is a flashback to to older Shins (which is a strange statement considering their last album was oh, just you know – 5 years ago), with a bit less electronic influence than what we heard from most of the tracks in Wincing The Night Away. The song has an almost country-hued twang to its atmospheric backdrops, and has only encouraged my hysterical anticipation of their forthcoming album. Unfortunately, the track won't be physically available until the single is released next week, so we'll have to accept the charming video they put together while we wait for the release.



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  • Fucking band rock so much. Can't even handle it. Not even handling it right now.

    seanhive February 14, 2012 4:03 AM Reply

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