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Civil Twilight - "Letters From the Sky" (LoBounce Remix)

I wouldn't say I'm a die-hard fan of dubstep, but it's a track like this that make the occasional one I listen to completely worth it. Giancarlo Pasquesi aka LoBounce has created such a track by giving Civil Twilight's "Letters From the Sky" a heavy bass feel that retains remnants of the original piano and chill vibe. I've never heard the Cape Town band Civil Twilight, but the sensual and pleasing vocals of lead singer Steven McKellar mixes perfectly with the filth infused bass provided by LoBounce.  LoBounce doesn't overload the track with an unnecessary amount of bass; instead maintaining the overall elegance while giving us a track perfect for any occasion.

      Letters From The Sky (LoBounce remix)
Download: Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky (LoBounce Remix)



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