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The Internet [Bonus Tracks + Documentary]

syd the kid

Well, it's here and it's out. We've been following the making of The Internet's Purple Naked Ladies album, both through its music releases and the making of that music. The latter comes from the lens of Brass, a burgeoning filmmaker with a keen eye for young, eclectic talent. While Purple Naked Ladies had been digitally last December and physically released last week, the documentary came out this past week and gives fans a look at the mind map Matt Martian and Syd the Kid traveled together to conceive this album.

As they state in the doc, sometimes it's hard for producers to fully express their sound out of fear of what's expected of them or even technical difficulties. It appears this was all too true for this duo as they took to the internet to drop four bonus tracks in an EP format, siting the reason as "technical difficulties" with PNL. Neo-soul, experimental jazz and rhythmic boom-bap abound on the album and through the documentary, we get a better understanding of where it all originates from. Download the bonus tracks by clicking on the album image.


Experimental · Soul


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