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Foxes - "Youth" (Adventure Club Remix)

Adventure Club has put out another massive track that combines all the shattering bass and female vocals to make this a signature Adventure Club remix. Adventure Club (a duo from Montreal) are constantly releasing top Hype Machine charters with their own unique way of finding and picking the perfect song which they mix with their own deep bass and poppy filth. I had the pleasure of meeting up with Adventure Club months ago in London before their show to Interview them about their latest work, you can watch the interview here.

The track I'm bringing you today is their latest work which uses a more poppy female vocal rather than the eerie voice of Metric or Lips. This latest remix is almost more upbeat than their usual style of a smooth female focal yet the dubstep remains the same. After a beautiful piano rif with Foxes singing were brought straight to a shattering, blood chilling drop. Adventure Club's unique style of mayhem is inflicted upon us once more with a mix of their bass and filth layered over Foxes vocals. I really like this track since it finds a balance between their latest upbeat track "Do I See Colour" to their usual style of eerie female vocals and a smooth yet filthy drop. Enjoy.

Foxes - Youth (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix)

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