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MAUSI - "sol." (Polarsets Remix)

With influences of Phoenix, Breakbot, Uffie, and Penguin Prison, MAUSI is indie pop with a lot of disco. Their first single "sol." is set to be released on February 20th, via All Things Go. In the meantime, the Polarsets made a tropical remix to carry us over. This remix is more electronic, with an emphasis on the breathtaking female voice. Her demands are simple yet strong. "I'll be putting dreams in your eyes/I will be losing track of time as we dance in the summer days". MAUSI is a four piece based in Newcastle and they have officially enlightened us. Feel free to compare the remix with the original "sol." below.

      Sol (Polarsets Remix)
Download: Mausi - Sol (Polarsets Remix)

Original "sol." from MAUSI

Indie · Pop · Retro


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