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Vaughn Anthony - "Curiosity" (Feat. Dunson)

Seeing as how readers responded to our last Dunson post, it only seemed fitting to post more from the Baltimore rapper. After making a name for himself working his first single "Hold Me Down" (featuring older brother John Legend), off his debut album set for release this coming May, singer and songwriter Vaughn Anthony enlisted Dunson to create the Phatboiz produced single, "Curiosity" for Anthony's upcoming mixtape Life of A Player. Phatboiz had also worked on John Legend's "Tonight (Best You Ever Had)", featuring Ludacris.

As heard in "Hold Me Down", Anthony has the pipes to give his brother a run for his money. "Curiosity" attests to that as well with Vaughn providing smooth vocals over a snapping beat.

Featuring collaborations with Rick Ross, Olivia, Prodigy and John Legend, Anthony's Life of A Player will be highly anticipated as will Dunson's first single off his upcoming project, "Count On It", which is scheduled to drop next week. This next track by Dunson will be produced by Phatboiz as well, and is sure to be worth the hype.



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