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Super Mash Bros. - "¡Holy Guacamole!" [Earmilk Exclusive]

Super Mash Bros. are back, and damn are they back with a vengeance. After a hiatus in which even I was left wondering what was going on, they drop this exclusive track for Earmilk. "¡Holy Guacamole!" (more like holy hell) is a sensational multi-mash that starts off right where Nick, Ethan, and Dick left off with their last album All About The Scrillions. Yes, I said right where they left off because rumor is they're releasing a new album relatively soon (possibly this week? Fingers crossed). SMB has always had a definite knack for combining samples that seem like they were meant for each other. Not only that, but the transitions and ease in which they flow from segment to segment is enough to make any artist envious. A skill that is certainly appreciated by avid mashup listeners such as myself. "¡Holy Guacamole!" is full of song samples that you should readily know, making it perfect for playing at parties and getting everyone to want to jam out, and sing along. Let me be the first to say that I'm glad that Super Mash Bros. are back, and better than ever.

      Holy Guacamole
Download: Super Mash Bros. - ¡Holy Guacamole!


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9 years ago

thank god some good mashups

9 years ago
Reply to  Croydon

Yeah, I knew you'd be all over the new Super Mash Bros.

I'll keep you updated on the album

9 years ago

Great mashups