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Day Joy - "Bone and Bloody" [Earmilk Premiere]

If your current weather is gloomy like it is in New York, what we have to offer should bring some light to your day. Today's EARMILK premiere is a track from Day Joy. Day Joy is an indie project from Florida's Michael Serrin and Peter Michael Perceval. Serrin is part of the former Introduction to Sunshine to what is now called Saskatchewan. When Serrin is not busy with that band, he joins Perceval on the front porch with a banjo, ukulele, and guitar to make the music for Day Joy. Their creative partnership has been growing for the past 3 years.

The track we are gladly premiering is entitled "Bone and Bloody". It will be on their upcoming release next month. "Bone and Bloody" started off with a banjo line strummed by Perceval on the porch. Perceval went away but he says, "by the time I had come back in town, Michael had completely transformed the song and added the synth, the drums and a melody. We then sort of went over it together and polished it up. Added the guitar strokes, the baby sounding voice and all the other things that complimented it". On top of their luscious folk tunes, Day Joy conveys a message about a heartache. Feel free to read their gripping lyrics below.

      bone and bloody
Download: Day Joy - Bone and Bloody

"Someone said you all are hiding 
somewhere safe and under lying. 
While you're off running away, 
I'm sleeping sideways 
and watching you open your eyelids.
I watch you waking up your mind aches.

No, you don't know who you are yet.
Walking backwards makes your mind set.
When I've been running several days 
I can barely find a place where you won't leave me in the gutter -
where you won't leave me bone and bloody." 
Acoustic · Exclusive · Folk Rock · Indie


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