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Hatcha - "Headphone Highlights"

There are several things that Red Bull does right, one of them is put on insane sporting events with free cans of super juice, meaning even if the event is a bust people can't help but woop and cheer like wild beasts. The other is their music policy. We saw some one of a kind lectures from the academy with the likes of Erykah Badhu, Doom, Artwork and Scuba and they show no signs of changing policy anytime soon.

The show is hosted by Hatcha, during which he takes us through some of his favourite tracks that have served him loyally during dancefloor massacres and the slaying of crowds throughout the world. Now, anyone who knows dubstep, knows how important Hatcha, was and is to the conception, growth and future of the scene. If you don't, well we recommend you listen and get a learn on. Expect very early tracks from Benga, Distance, unreleased tracks from DMZ and white lables only ever made available through Big Apple Records.



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