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813 – "Firefighter" [Earmilk Exclusive]

Russian abstract hip-hop artist 813's new EP, Spectrum Riff, is out digitally today on Donky Pitch, and Earmilk has a smooth sip here for exclusive premiere! The six-track EP is pretty unclassifiable, blending influences from wonky UK bass, electro, and instrumental hip-hop, and features a remix by Slugabed, if you're one to be lured in by relevant namedropping. The track we're streaming, "Firefighter", is aptly named given 813, a.k.a. Alexander Goryachev's, day job, and features a strong melody, heavy beat, and addictive synths. If you're looking for a 2% or fat-free aural workout, go elsewhere — this is full-on whole milk goodness.

813 also celebrated his EP release with a new video for track "Splinters of Violet Glasses", below.

813 – Splinters of Violet Glasses

Purchase: 813 – Spectrum Riff EP

Dance · Electronic · Hip-Hop


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