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Silver Medallion - "Trainwreck" (Feat. Dunson)

Brooklyn-based singer and DJ Silver Medallion has collaborated with one of our favorite Baltimore rappers, Dunson (formerly known as Kenton Dunson), for a unique track entitled "Trainwreck". The brooding dark song evokes a mix of emotions but what remains distinct are traces of dubstep infused in the R&B track. Still ramping up for his mixtape to be released in March, Dunson is hard at work but not afraid to experiment with his work.


In Silver Medallion's words, the song is, "a saga of New York City bars, a story of people too in love with themselves to see past the whiskey glasses. I feel the sounds of the beat replicate the darkness and intensity of that yearning party night, when you're looking in a girls eyes and don't see anything there, when you're walkin in the cold spinning drunk, when you wake up wondering why you're life is the way it is."

Silver Medallion made headlines after his single, "All I Ask" featuring Shwayze was released via DJ Benzi and reached national success. Since then he has toured with Avicii, Girl Talk, LMFAO, Rusko and Benny Benassi. Check out "All I Ask" below. 

Silver Medallion - All I Ask

Dubstep · R&B


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