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Jim-E Stack - Come Between EP

A fresh face from New Orleans with a worthy ticket on the hype train, Jim-E Stack is riding on a wave of  garage meets bass artists heavily influenced by hip hop. Just off the press his new EP Come Between showcases a plethora of lulling percussion and synth melodrama. The title track is bipolar in mind with a dash of playful swing and jaunty leads that resolve in a breakdown sunken by chills and sulking. While "Come Together" carries most of the floor's energy the B-sides on this release languish in infatuating vocals and dissonant atmospheres. Overall its a pretty thick stack, with tracks that cater to hot trot couples and sore singles. An alluring way to flaunt what this pretty boy may pump out in the future

In case you missed Jim-E's ASAP bootleg that has been stumbling around for the past month, it left quite the high trailing up to his name. Opening with a soapy chord progression, this 2-step garage jam drips in clammy prescription and bogged out tranquility. Even adding a verse from the breakthrough delinquent that coaxes an already intoxicating beat into a true keeper. Pin this one to your medicine of choice or just sit back and kick it.

      Purple Swag (Jim-E Stack Bootleg)
Download: ASAP Rocky - Purple Swag (Jim-E Stack Bootleg) 

(GDYRS002) Good Years - Jim-E Stack Come Between EP

Bass · Dance · Garage · Hip-Hop


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