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Deadmau5 - "Cthulhu Dreams"

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While Joel's studio is currently being redone he's been living in hotels drinking overpriced mini bottles of vodka and admiring the freedom to make a mess without having to clean it up (or so he says from his live stream). In the midst of his boredom, Deadmau5 has been playing around on his laptop and just gave away a edited, angrier version of "Cthulhu Sleeps". He uploaded the track onto his Facebook and it already has gotten a vast amount of stir all over the internet. This new version of "Cthulhu Sleeps" has a smooth piano intro taking you slowly into the signature back and forth wobble sounds one might imagine sounds Cthulhu's tentacles would make. With a pause we get a heavier side of the original, a filthy beat comes in and changes "Cthulhu Sleeps" up drastically. 

      Cthulhu Dreams
Download: Deadmau5 - Cthulhu Dreams

I think I prefer this darker side because it takes what was loved in the original, the sound of Cthulhu's tentacles swaying back and forth, adding a twisted side to the softer original. It seems Cthulhu's sleep goes disturbed. 

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9 years ago

Cthulhu probably dreams about Coon & Friends...nice remix