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Double Dip - 60 - Black Atlass

Hello Milkteam, it's been quite a fascinating year 2011, but here we are and I want to congratulate every last one of you for surviving the ins and outs of another 365 days.

Today's a very special day in the music world and it should be very exciting for you as well. A new artist has emerged ready to combat those lazy tracks you've been listening too. Move over big-time artists and charlatans, we have a new contender and his name is Black Atlass.

Both songwriter and producer, 17 year-old Alex Fleming from the Big Stink a.k.a. London, Ontario isn't your average everyday tween. Turning around a 6-track EP (solo) is a daunting task for anyone, but to do it with such gusto is magical. Heavy kicks, beautiful piano composition and a lovely vocal undertone puts the metaphorical cherry right on the top of some of the freshest six tracks I've heard in a while.

Check it out below and download the entire EP from his Soundcloud. Go out and support that real hustle and check out the new video for the debut track "Hills":

Castles by Black Atlass

Hills by Black Atlass

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