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Tony Williams - "Blazin' High" (Feat. Wale, Emilio Rojas & Macklemore)

Tony Williams' forthcoming mixtape, entitled Some of My Best Friends Are Rappers, produced by Oddz N Endzbears the most accurate name you could have  possibly given the monster. If "Blazin' High" is only a harbinger of what we can expect from the mixtape, collectively, then holy shit, this guy really does have a lot of friends that rap. "Blazin' High" itself is packed with enough carnage to be considered a meat locker - featuring artists Macklemore, who's barely recognizable without his shadow Ryan Lewis, Wale, and Emilio Rojas. The three leave the beat in a fetal position, and only leave us begging for more; Tony Williams handles the chorus in his natural catchy manner; and the synth constructed instrumental leaves us bobbing our heads along to the verses for days. "Blazin' High" is addicting and surely only a taste of what is to be expected. Dropping January 13th, Some of My Best Friends Are Rappers, is sure to be a bomb. As a close associate of Kanye West, it's nice to see Tony Williams pursuing more solo-oriented material this new year. Lend the track an ear and enjoy!

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