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Erik Paul - "It's All Right"

Oh, I understand what's going on here - you're Kid Cudi's past. Meet Erik Paul, unsigned rap/hip-hop star, with a little over 3200 likes on his Facebook page. He has an old-school Cudi flow, and the dejected attitude to match. Obviously, he hasn't blown up in the game, but don't doubt for a second his potential. With his latest track, "It's All Right," Erik Paul gives us a closer look at who he is as a rapper, delving into some pretty dark territory, and making it quite clear that everything's not alright. As he raps over the beat, "therapists, prescriptions', just extend the differences/ between me and the normal kids, I cut my wrists/ let me out this bitch," you can't help but wonder if the track is just going to end abruptly in a static mess. However, what's unique about Erik Paul, is his teenage angst, high school-induced depression facade, that makes him relatable to so many.

The song opens with an instrumental that sounds so close to the actual feeling of anguish, that it could literally break your heart. This same heartbroken instrumental tags along verse through verse, following you to the end of the song, as if it almost knows the pain it's causing you and it's getting a kick off it. Couple this with lyrics dark enough to play hide and seek in, and you've got yourself a real heartwrenching piece. It's enough to make any mother clean out the medicine chest. Enjoy!

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