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Mod Sun - "Rappin A$$ Rappers" (Feat. G-Eazy & Meta) (Prod. Adam Ivy)

Mod Sun looks like Oscar the Grouch's flatmate, and by the way his latest song sounds, his lyrics are the product of their late night dumpster diving love-making. On his newest track, "Rappin A$$ Rapper", produced by Adam Ivy, Mod Sun, has scooped up G-Eazy and Meta to be featured on the track, and sure as hell hasn't done the two a favor. When they're not trying to seem like the most unique rappers in the game-- a characteristic that works for few rappers-- the rest of the song is filled with ridiculous free love references. However, I could be wrong, so here's the track and you can all come to your own conclusions. Enjoy!


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