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Earmilk Exclusive: And The Giraffe - "Underground Love" [Video Premiere]

And The Giraffe, the two-piece, dream-pop outfit we introduced shortly before the holidays, recently released the official music video for “Underground Love” from the band’s excellent Something for Someone. The Harrison Sanborn-directed video depicts the journey of a tiny package as it travels from various hands until it reaches its final destination into the possession of a dashing lady in red. The sound of frontman Nick Roberts’ soft vocals sets a dreamy tone throughout the video up to its lighthearted ending. According to Roberts, the video was shot over the course of two days in Los Angeles, Calif., and on a budget of only $0. You read that right, $0. Zero, zip, nada.

“[We] only ended up spending money on food and parking,” Roberts said.

Watch the official music video for And The Giraffe’s “Underground Love” below.

Dreamwave · Exclusive · Indie


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