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D'Angelo - "Black Hole Sun" [Soundgarden Cover]

The original could pierce a windshield with its latent disparity but D'Angelo's remake of "Black Hole Sun", the Soundgarden hit single, is more of a back massage after a tiring day. Teeming with punctuated vocals, dissonant drum beats and peppery bass, its sound is familiar to those who love the elusive neo-crooner's work but still manages to "wow" those of us always recognized his talent. Though the music scene has seen immense changes in the past twelve years, and Internet rumors nag at the originality of this randomly released track, all five minutes and forty something seconds of this one cover reassure a hopeful fan base that D'Angelo has not lost his gift. Not having much to go off since Voodoo was released in 2000, fixated fans will take it. All that really matters is perhaps we are one step closer to hearing that album ?uestlove says is "97% done." Please let it be so.

D'Angelo - Black Hole Sun
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