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GIGAS - Aqualung [Album]

Sound machines are generally pretty mild but add an intensity of electronic synths, you have a band called GIGAS. Aqualung is their album of 2012 and let me warn you, they were not afraid of exploring different noise controls. Just take the picture above, throw in splashes of dark or neon colors and that might give you a better understanding of this spunky record.

Aqualung has six song. Beginning with "City Lights", it prepares and trances you into the loud hypnotic world of GIGAS. The second song has a mixture of natural sea waves and heavily synth-ed waves. Each of the six pieces have its own specialty. My top picks are "Gone Completely" and "Machine. "Gone Completely"  blends echoey shoegaze effects with flashes of wobbly dubstep. In contrast, "Machine" is a track with voice samples and an ambient downbeat.

One description of GIGAS are " a soundtrack for a late night drive into the Canadian wild, alongside your worn out tape of Violator".  Those words are agreed on but I also picture nature on acid. Better yet, Born Gold in nature on acid. Aqualung is available on bandcamp so if you're feeling this, get the album.

      03 Gone Completely
Download: GIGAS - Gone Completely

      05 Machine
Download: GIGAS - Machine

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