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Snowglobe Festival - Late Night Extravaganza

Ideally, the final night of any year should be the grandest. There should be fireworks, regretful decisions, slurring of words and good music -  compiling into a splotchy memory of a night that will set the tone for the upcoming 365 days. The speakers should be set to 11, and our eardrums must receive a solid pounding. At the end of it all, as the clock strikes twelve, a feeling of joy should overwhelm all of us. Unfortunately, this time around, the world is most likely to explode at that moment - but this doesn't mean our inevitable demise should overshadow the evening's festivities.

Snow globe

If you haven't noticed, EARMILK has taken a particular liking to Snowglobe Music Festival - we have a handful of writers that are set to be in attendance, one of them (California Cornbread) even going to the extent of hitchhiking across the country just so he can be there. This festival is the place to be during the curtain call of 2011, but after the crowds disperse and the grown-ups go to sleep, this is when the real party begins. Snowglobe has put together a slew of shows following the festival, spread throughout various nightclubs and catered to the most grandiose of desires. As Chip from Snowglobe put it for me: "After the festival gets out every night, we're taking BIG headliners, and putting them in SMALL clubs throughout South Lake Tahoe to create very intimate events with some of SnowGlobe's biggest names... That's how we make sure these rare concerts are only available to SnowGlobe patrons." Tickets to the late night shows are sold separately, and all tickets can be found HERE, as well as the link below.


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