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G-Eazy - "Lost In Translation" [Earmilk Exclusive]

G easy

The year is coming to a close, and as we look back into the hip-hop explosion that was 2011, the list of new artists that captured the hearts of hip-hop lovers is substantial, but perhaps none were as unique and original as G-Eazy. A college student-turned hip-hop prodigy, G-Eazy (Gerald Earl Gillum) has been working his way to the forefront of many blogs as one of the unsung heroes of the year. His music, a combination of 50s and 60s spliced beats and a smooth, Drake-esque flow, brings a much needed upbeat feel to a genre bogged down by an overdose of "gangsta" posers and obnoxious lyrics.

His breakthrough moment arguably came through his release of the video for "Runaround Sue", which took the blogging world by storm, and the James Dean style heartthrob is back for the holidays with another smooth track that he is releasing exclusively through Earmilk. "Lost in Translation" has a slight womp to it, so brostep fans should enjoy this too, but more important is the combination of flow and a terrific beat, a 1-2 punch we have come to expect from G-Eazy. Check out the track below, and if you're around, check him out at one of his Year End shows.

      Lost In Translation
Download: G-Eazy - Lost In Translation


Wednesday, December 28th: Oakland, CA

Headliner: G-EAZY
Support/Opner: DJ Carnage, Jay Ant

The New Parish
579 18th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
510) 444-7474

Saturday, December 31st: Minneapolis, MN

Headliner: Mod Sun
Main Support: G-Eazy
Openers: Pat Brown, B Rolla, Meta
Set Time: TBA (25 mins)

Station 4
201 East 4th Street
Saint Paul, MN 55101
(651) 224-6372



50's · 60's · Hip-Hop


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9 years ago

G-Eazy is, by far, the dopest artist i've heard in a long ass time

9 years ago

This beat sounds like something Star Slinger would make. I really appreciate the subtle bass drop.  

Joshua Andrews
Joshua Andrews
9 years ago

Would love an instrumental version of this, with only the background singing

Chase Freeman
9 years ago

G-Easy is one of the best up and coming rappers feel good music, dope beats, and oldies samples good stuff @Chaseingpaper:twitter