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CRIM3S EP - Promo [Video]

As Witch House fell off the Radar for a bit a new wave of talent has made a mark on this mystical and wide genre. Previously know as Story of Isaac is now called Crim3s. This Witch House and Drag act from London is best know for Crystal Castle's Intimate edit and Baptism Remix. Since becoming CRIM3S their sound has become something different with punky vocals and harsher synths. Just think of Crim3s as that hot and mysterious girl that sits behind you in philosophy class.

After months and months of waiting Crim3s cult like fan base can stop waiting and starting buying their new EP that will feature Holes, Breed, Germs, Salt, and Fade. Some are even calling this most anticipated Witch House release of the year. Get ready for the winter solstice. December 22nd.

CRIM3S EP - Promo from § on Vimeo.


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