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Bad Bad Not Good - "Rotten Decay"

bbngBad Bad Not Good, the really badass jazz group from Canada that you should already know about, released two new songs today. The first is a single off their album BBNG2 called "Rotten Decay." It's dark jazz, ominous and very rotten indeed, but still preserves that traditional syncopated hip hop beat we have come to appreciate from these three guys.

The second, a B-side inspired by the Waka Flocka Flame's track "Hard in Da Paint", completely recreates the original by feverishly utilizing every key range on the piano, so that while it sounds different, it's still recognizable. And like the original, in the category of "Darkness", it's scathing. I think it floats and hope Waka sees it.

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Dark Jazz · Hip-Hop


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