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OVERWERK - The Nth Degree [EP]

OVERWERK recently released a new EP titled The Nth Degree. The EP has 5 new songs as well as "Buzzin" which he released earlier to help build the suspsne of this EP coming out (which you can find on earmilk here). The whole EP is a continuous blend of OVERWERK's signature electro house sound mixed with slight "dinosaur" dubstep. There's a transitional melody as you move from the the first song on the EP "The Nth Degree" to the very last, "Contact".

My favourite track on the EP would have to be "Odyssey". The beginning melody builds just enough suspense to the drop which takes you into OVERWERK's electro house mayhem. There is even some soft vocals which help break down the initial drop. I would recommend the whole EP to any big electro house fans. If Wolfgang Gartner or Mord Fustang give you the chills then OVERWERK is worth listening too. Make sure you check out OVERWERK's Facebook page for a free download of the whole EP.

      03 Odyssey
Download: OVERWERK - Odyssey



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