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Tezo - Tezo: The Mixtape

If you're familiar with the Ohio hip-hop scene (Cleveland pretty much speaks for the popular end of it) then you know that Chipa Tha Ripper and Kid Cudi pretty much run the game to outsiders. I think a lot of people would be incredibly surprised to learn that artists like Darren Anthony and Tezo are paving the way for Cleveland to take over. After rising in local popularity Tezo's latest mixtape hosted by the infamous DJ Holiday is labeled Tezo: The Mixtape. A lot of great tracks on this one, a very upbeat feel as Tezo runs us through life in Ohio form the streets to the women. Look out for some of my personal favorite tracks on the tape including "Evil Plan" and "Rep." If I were you I'd watch for Tezo to pull even more accomplishments under his belt and put Ohio on his back like some of his couter-parts have.

Tezo - Tezo: The Mixtape

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