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Allen Stone - "Contact High" Live at Knocksteady Studios

allen stone

You know when someone recommends you try a certain food and you don't quite believe them? They insist that it's really good and you'll really like it but you're not so convinced.

I can see that happening to me as I spread the good news that is Allen Stone's music. Based on appearances, the guy seems like any other indie artist who likes flow-y clothing, funky accessories (big rimmed glasses, shark tooth necklaces) and dancing uncontrollably to bedroom-made beats. It's hard to wrap your mind around the thought that in the same way Brussels sprouts taste surprisingly good, Stone is surprisingly really good at soul music.

Before whisking off to his sold out show at LA's Echo, Stone stopped by one of my favorite indie record labels, Knocksteady, to do some vocal chord stretching with his song, "Contact High." As the guys at Knocksteady affirm, "jaws drop and faces light up" when Stone sings any song. I don't care how many times I have to say it: follow this talented cat if you aren't already.

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