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Odd Future - Unreleased

The Odd Future team have gone ahead and released 13 unreleased tracks on their tumblr. The originator/compiler of the mixtape include: Loofy, Itzmurda, Tascam, Keith, AL, GJ and HK from forum Odd Future Talk. This release has three unreleased/rare Earl tracks including: Rebellious Shit, Sly x Stones throw and Earls first song ever called WattStax. Earls earlier moniker was Sly Tendencies (Sly) FYI.

From producer Loofy:

"Sly's FIRST SONG....this is the first song he ever recorded, and i remember it was me him and producer Ashton McCreight, our moms were sitting in my front room chatting it up and watching WattStax (old concert featuring a bunch of old black bands and musicians and all that) and as he recorded he tried to keep his voice low..anyway..>>>all the EXTRA LOUD adlibs were by me lol<<<...*disclaimer*: this is all out of love for Thebe...lmao idk how he feels about this song but I love it, like the lyrics are on point like a mutha fucka.. quality is whatever, but thats just because of my dumb ass adlibs....so yeah, this is Sly at his best...the original, WattStax, The Backpackerz, 09, World Playground..."

Grab the mixtape here and enjoy some early bird tracks below:

      12 Rebellious Shit By Sly (Prod. Vision)
Download: Sly - Rebellious Shit (Prod. Vision)

      07 WattStax By Sly (Prod. Weird Eye)
Download: Sly - WattStax (Prod. Weird Eye)

      01 Sly x Stones Throw By Sly
Download: Sly - Sly x Stones Throw

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