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Macklemore x Ryan Lewis Live at Knocksteady


When you can perform with the energy of a hundred stampeding wild stallions, and your only audience is a small camera crew, you ought to be deemed "truly talented". Case in point: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' recent visit to the Knocksteady studio in Los Angeles this past week. Armed with some true horsepower in the form of a trumpet player, a violinist and a powerhouse tenor vocalist, their performance is nothing short of exhilarating.

In the podcast below, the Seattle-based duo spoke with Knocksteady about their fans, their work and their personal influences. Having been in the industry for ten years now, and growing stronger each month, Macklemore had some wisdom to impart.

Currently on tour, Macklemore might be in your city any day now. Be sure to check his Facebook for touring information -- he is not one to be missed.

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