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Robin Hannibal - Bobby [EP]

Robin Hannibal, perhaps more widely known as the beatmaker behind the Danish duo, Quadron, has struck out on his own for his EP, Bobby. Brandishing an impressive knowledge of music genres, Hannibal draws inspiration from everything but ultimately displays his prowess for layering celestial sounding vocals with polished beats.

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The EP, which was released by Plug Research, the force that brings us shiny new songs from Bilal and Quadron, is a colorful array of lullaby-like melodies ("Sneak Peak") punctuated by songs that neatly underline Hannibal's ability to make coherently incoherent music. There's a bit of jazz, a twang of industrial-ness yet just the right amount of bpms.

Much to our delight, Plug Research released a video of the EP's third track, "Amends", a sweet love story told in black and white to what might otherwise be an altogether haunting song.

Don't sleep on Hannibal's work as you can't afford to miss out on music this provocatively chill.

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