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Dam-Funk - "I Don't Run Wit' No Cliques"

Dam Funk

More recently, Stones Throw has been adamant about leaking rough cuts of tracks from artist on their website. If you follow the label, then you know that dropping undressed music isn't something foreign for them, but has been a more recognizable feature on LP's and various compilations that have been released. As the label progresses in genre affiliation and expands its avocation, there are those who feel that the brand has lost touch with the fan base that surmounted them as an alternative hip-hop powerhouse. But on the contrary, even as Stones Throw grows along with their widening gap of adherents, they've actually become even more personable than before and releasing these unfinished demos are proof of that.

Dam-Funk made this track the day before Thanksgiving. There is really no telling if this slithering, r&b inspired funk will be released on his upcoming album.

Keep Listening.

[soundcloud url="http://soundcloud.com/user4438121/i-dont-run-wit-no-cliques-d-m"]Dam-Funk - I Don't Run Wit' No Cliques (Rough Cut)

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