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Jesse Rose "Made for the Night"

Oh the trial and tribulations of a traveling DJ. Rude hostesses, chincy promoters, and six hour layovers that flip the terminal into a cage. You turn to your phone to moan in 140 characters but regardless; no one feels sorry for you. After the wam and bam comes the typical thank you mam ("Ye (city), (club) was unbelievable last night! Probably my fav night all year! Now off to (city2) for (Event Name) at (club2)") on your fan page. But amidst all the network noise of part-time hotel & flying critiques, UK born Berliner Jesse Rose reveals a more authentic reality via motion picture. Queuing in on how to balance a life of touring, A&R, and production as a mobile beatnik on the grind. It all seems so crowded and uncertain, but the rewards make life worth living for.

      The Whistler (Jesse Rose Mix)
Download: Claude Von Stroke - The Whistler (Jesse Rose Mix)

I'll toss in the classic to his name from 2007, a timeless witty tune that jesters between the bare bones of house and what later became fidget. Make sure to have a dig through the consistent catalog of his label Made to Play as well as his work on Dirtybird, Dubsided, and Play it Down.

t. @dukehamilton / e. @earmilk.com / f. theduke


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