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Introducing: Owsey [Review + Interview]

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Now this guy, this guy is phenomenal. If you're a fan of ambient, dreamy music that pulls from within the soul of the artist, you've found it right here. This music is beautiful, and this artist has found a way to bring out your inner-most thoughts melodically and turn them into something tangible to the ear. Owsey (pronounced "Oh-zee") stems from Northern Ireland, and if you've ever thought about the beauty that is Ireland, it comes to life in his music. He has turned his personal experiences, insights, and moments of euphoria into aural-realities. Each of his tracks are unique in their own way, bringing light to universal experience. I yearn for music like his.

That said, alongside sharing a couple of his tracks, I've had an opportunity to learn a bit more about Owsey from the best source possible: himself. His latest track, "At the Top of Our Hill, We Could See the Atlantic", is a piece of artwork in itself. I've asked him to share a bit on his inspiration for the track:

"The rolling melody that takes off as soon as the track begins was stirred up by a car journey that friends and I took out to western Ireland. The surrounding sounds express the scene as we drove. It was sundown, and the Atlantic was in view. Surrounding us were fields spread in a golden hue from that ol' setting star in the sky. A pretty ethereal moment, y'know? This track is simply an attempt to delineate the event through sound. The vocals were pulled from an Ellie Goulding cover of a Temper Trap's tune, "Sweet Disposition". Most of my work samples vocals, but recently I've united with a girl widely known as CoMa. This is exciting."

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Some Q&A with Owsey:

Earmilk: When did you start producing your own music?

Owsey: Around 2 years ago. It was an extremely random inception that sprouted from absolutely nowhere. To be honest, I can barely recall it happening. Lots of fog around my roots, musically. However, I did play guitar as a child to a rather small extent. Unconventional sounds always seemed to capture my interest, and it seems like this was carried through the years. But I'm not claiming my sound is anything out of the ordinary. I like making 'people' music, for lack of a better term. 'Relatable' is perhaps a more appropriate term.

EM: In this world, who would you say influences you most?

O: Friends, probably. As for other influences, I'll say that fiction also plays a role. Some of the titles I insinuate aren't necessarily my own truths, and I prefer developing my own experiences into something a little more thrilling, I guess. Nature, outdoors, earth - all the great formulaic inspirations - slide their way into my tunes too. I've no control over them.

EM: What kinds of feelings/emotions do you strive to evoke within the listener?

O: I can hope their intuitions pick up the intentions of my music, but ultimately I don't mind if they get an entirely opposing reaction to my own. If they get something, anything, it's a bonus. For me, I try to write music for the tales and ideas in my head. Coherence between image and sound is something I'm fond of, as I'll always say.

EM: Do you foresee signing with a record label at any point in the near future?

O: I do indeed. Some are already planned, but I'll reveal this all in due course. It's probably worth noting that, for as long as I make music, I'll continue spreading freebies. Share and care, my friends. The world is all too greedy all too often.

EM: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

O: Farming on the unmistakable landscape of Ireland's west coast, enjoying a quiet life increased by music. I'm sure I'll still be writing music, and especially improvising, using my voice and acoustic guitar, down by the sea.

O: Thanks for having me. Lots of love.

With a peek into Owsey's unique perspective on music, life, and experience, I urge you to take a listen. He's captured my attention, and I his "experience"-esque take on music is different than any I've heard in my day. It's not music so much as a soundtrack to life. Serenity at it's finest, I'm a fan. I'll be sure to keep you posted on this talented artist's whereabouts as he updates me. For now, enjoy a few of his songs within this post.

Owsey on Facebook -  Owsey on Soundcloud - Owsey on YouTube

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28626293"]
[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28008352"]

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