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Introducing: ABADABAD

"ABADABAD is dangerous, tape relic'd guitar rock from a land of perpetual summers of dreamy ladies. These moments and dreams happen somewhere in Brooklyn, NY." As proof, Jeremey Lee Given titled a sentimental pop song "Park Slope (I'm Sorry)". All new releases from Given are under the band name ABADABAD.

Upon my odd discovery of "Old Flames," I've been following this man through blogger Andriana over at GluttonyIsTheNewBlack (check it out, she can get dirty sometimes). "Old Flames" is a track that was replayed 20 times after the first recognition of Given's organic voice--it's something to instantly drool over. In ABADABAD, the band rocks a hand clapping rhythm and a foot tapping tempo; the combination of Given and his musical support makes for a sensational folk/pop/rock project.

Recently, Keep Shelly in Athens remixed "California Birds" from ABADABAD. You can find this song on Keep Shelly in Athens' Our Own Dream EP and the Makeout Beach tape from Chill Mega Chill with ABADABAD and Stoner Shower. Below is a music video of the remix, directed by Brendan Canty of Feel Good Lost with former works for Jape, Sacred Animals, and Slow Magic.

      Old Flames
Download: Jeremy Lee Given - Old Flames

      01 Park Slope (Im Sorry)
Download: ABADABAD - Park Slope (I'm Sorry)

Music Video of "California Birds (Keep Shelly in Athens Remix)"

Experimental · Folk · Indie · Pop


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