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#MashupMonday - Week 41

Mashup Monday - We're back again with some mashes that will get your week started right. Giving you the freshest, dopest, sickest, smoothest, (every other superlative you can think of) mashups to start your week off with a bang. These are the mashes that are worth hearing, so stop your searching and instead get to listening. Mashup Monday on EARMILK is for the best stuff around, so settle down at your computer... turn up your speakers... and get ready for that sweet nectar that only EARMILK can give ya. Let's GO.

Word of advice? Listen responsibly.

This week's Mashup Monday edition is absolutely heavy with the bass. You asked for dubstep mashups, and I (hopefully) delivered. Hip hop mashups were requested? Well, these mashups are rampant with hip hop samples. Many of these tracks could leave you intoxicated with the Earmilk, so let's get this drinking, I mean listening, session started.

It wouldn't seem right getting everything going with a weak track. Nah, I'm hitting you guys with the heavy stuff right away. Pulse FX's "OHMYGODMGK" is the equivalent of taking a few double shots of 151 with no chaser. You think you can handle it, then it just hits you like a freight train. Thankfully, Stylust Beats gives us something that is refreshing, yet at the same time, if you're still suffering from Pulse FX then this has the potential to keep the room spinning. Then you have DOSVEC's his new track that has a chill element that just goes down smooth.

However, since the night is just getting started, the new collab track between Bruneaux and DJ abSRD is sure to get your musically-intoxicated mind firing again, and Sweekuh's new mashup devilishly entices your ears with some sexy female vocals, before laying down the bass courtesy of Deadmau5. Of course I got plenty of other tracks for your listening pleasures, but just remember to Listen Responsibly.


      OHMYGODMGK (Pulse FX Remix)
Download:Pulse FX - OHMYGODMGK

      Throw Some Ds - Stylust Beats
Download:Stylust Beats - Throw Some D's (Rich Boy v Pretty Lights)

      I Feel The Love - DOSVEC
Download:DOSVEC - I Feel The Love (Lil Wayne vs Griz)

      Bromance on a Moonlit Beach
Download: DJ abSRD & Bruneaux - Bromance on a Moonlit Beach

      Promise Me an Aural Psynapse
Download:Sweekuh - Promise Me An Aural Psynapse

      Future Sound - Loo%20%20Placido

      Embrace The Duckstep - Messiah Mashups
Download: Messiah Mashups - Embrace The Duckstep

      Spit Dat Crank Fire (Rex Riot and Basscamps Crank Bootleg Mashup Crank Remix)
Download: Rex Riot & Basscamp - Spit Dat Crank Fire (Rex Riot and Basscamp's Crank Bootleg Mashup Crank Remix)

      Crystal Hearts
Download: DJ BAHLER - Crystal Hearts

      Feeling Good Getting Nowhere - LeeDM101
Download: LeeDM101 - Feeling good, getting nowhere (Magnetic Man vs Nina Simone)

      A Million Suns
Download: Monster Mashes - A Million Suns

      Shaving Forever
Download: Jeremy Zelig - Shaving Forever

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