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Future Fresh: Episode 3

Welcome to Future Fresh, where the expiration date on these tunes never expire. This will be a tall glass of freshness into the futuristic sounds of Future Garage, UK Funky, Wonky, Garage, 2Step, experimental dubstep, bass music and soul dub. Basically its time to relax, hop in your DeLorean and take a roller coaster ride to the future. The names of the genres are not whats important, what is important is how these songs were put together. You will hear a range of bpm's, not everything is in 130-140 bpm range. Another thing you will notice is that the music features very off kilter loop within the 4/4 time signature, and many songs will feature a gliding-synth that just wont sit still, pitching up and down blasting you off into the future.

It's been a while since I last showed face on here, but luckily that has given some time for this burgeoning style of music to mature a little bit more, and now its slowly capturing the audience it deserves. This time around, I have put together a new mix just for Earmilk which highlights some of the fresh new sounds which are coming out of the woodworks all across the world. This mix also includes a blend of generes from Future Garage, to Juke, to Deep House and everything in between. Its really a testament to all the good sounding music thats being produced these days, and a large part due to how the internet makes boundaries between countries that once existed non existent. In this mix I have also selected many songs which were free to download from the artists own sound cloud pages. Enough gabbing, on with the mix:

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/28358677"]


Oswey - Places We Never Went Together
Jack Dixon - Coconuts
Jack Dixon - Coconuts (Disclosure Remix)
Kidnap Kid - Shouldn't be alone (CDBL Remix)
Mythin - TaHoes
Rabbit - Fuckin Bitches
Krampfhaft - Spit Thunder
Myrryrs - Blood of a Slave (tempo edit)
Sepalcure - Pencil Pimp
Kidnap Kid - Shouldn't Be Alone (123Mrk Remix)
Marble Players - Marble Anthem
Velour - Booty Slammer
Birdy Nam Nam - Cadillac Dreams ( Ft. Teki Latex)
SBTRKT - Wildfire (Objekt Remix) (tempo edit)
Lucid - You Don't Wet
Richelle - I Think (Sam Tiba Remix)

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