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Double Dip - 58 - Preteen Zenith

Dallas, Texas, is proving to be something more than just cowboys and bad hats. Preteen Zenith's Tim DeLaughter, Philip E Karnats, Dylan Silvers, Jason Garner, Julie Doyle and Evan Hisey are making hellish waves with their new psychedelic short for the beautiful folk ballad "Breathe".

The video was compiled by Michael Allen of Project Ion and includes footage of two 70's 9mm films: "Use Your Eyes" by Hans Halberstadt and "Light Is Many Things" by Paul and Glenda Fillinger. The song, if you haven't heard it yet is a real beauty, starting off nice and slow, then surprising the listener with a triumphant flurry of drums and vocals for the finishing touch.

Enjoy the video and song below, find more on the band here and purchase their special edition 7" here:

Breathe by Preteen Zenith

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