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Darkside - A1

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If you're into the dark, minimal side of electronic music, you've probably been acquainted with Nicolas Jaar. He's a prolific dude; not only has he just released his own free EP, Don't Break My Love, but he's also been working on a side project, Darkside, with Dave Harrington, on Jaar's own label, Clown & Sunset. They'll be making their live debut at Brooklyn's Music Hall of Williamsburg on Thursday, December 1, and if it sounds anything like the track below, it'll be a blast. There's an air of mystery surrounding the EP -- maybe I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to use the Internet (unlikely, ask me about my day job) but I can't even find a tracklist. It doesn't really matter, though -- we'll find out soon enough, and until then, we can check out the first track off the release, "A1", below.

Find Clown & Sunset on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the label's releases, or buy tickets to Darkside's Brooklyn debut!

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9 years ago

good music