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Eric Lau - The Mission (Feat. Guilty Simpson)

eric lau

If a corrections officer was about to issue me a restraining order for my Eric Lau stalking habits, I'm fairly certain I could play the officer some of Lau's music, get off the hook and get the officer hooked on this music. "Damn," he'd apologize, "My bad."

I first started following the work of this UK-based DJ a few years ago as I was making my way down the music blog rabbit hole. For beginner fans, I would suggest BTS Radio's "Asia Tour Mix" which offers a good course in "Eric Lau 101". Featuring J Dilla, D'Angelo, The Roots, Erykah Badu and Earth, Wind & Fire, that 52-minute gemstone brought life and color to my wretchedly dull San Francisco commute.

Download: BTS Radio Guest Mix - Eric Lau (2011 ASIA TOUR MIX)

Since then I've only grown in respect for Lau and his taste. Next week on November 18, Lau will release his single, "The Mission", that not only features vocals by Detroit's Guilty Simpson but a feel-good, dissonant beat that characterizes Lau's style. Check out the track below and set yourself a reminder for the track release this week.

Official Eric Lau Site

Eric Lau Twitter


Hip-Hop · Instrumental


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