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Alex Clare - "Caroline"

You know, the music industry has an excess of people who are "producers" and not in a negative way either. I mean, we have have an excess of bedroom producers who are excellent at what they but what we really need more of is people with pure vocal ability without any computer assistance. Adele is a great example of that because we had great vocals before her but as soon as she blesses the mic you are stopped in your tracks and have to give her your full attention. And, that's exactly what happens when you hear a track from Alex Clare. We've given him plenty of exposure, here on the site, but it still doesn't do justice for his true talent and ability. But luckily, today we have a track from him called "Caroline" that showcases his ability to infuse raw and true emotion right into his lines. This track has a very bluesy feel which fits perfect with Alex's voice. And the real question is; when is he going to hook up with The Black Keys? Don't sleep on Alex Clare. Enjoy.

Download: Alex Clare - Caroline

Spoiled But Never Rotten:

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