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Bad Bad Not Good x DOOM – Doom and More Doom

bad bad not good

In case you haven't been keeping a close eye on Bad Bad Not Good, here is another opportunity to check out what this maddening trio is up to. The jazz improv group has selectively covered the dopest hip hop artists from Tyler the Creator (whom they actually jammed with not too long ago) to J. Dilla. Today they released a curated set of songs by DOOM, Madvillain, and King Geedorah.

The list compiles Madvillain's "Supervillain Theme", "Fazers" by King Geedorah, and "Vomitspit" by DOOM. If you got in trouble for listening to any of DOOM's stuff too loudly, we're pretty sure you can get away with this and still get what you're looking for.

Download the track here.

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