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Trevor and Ever - New Gradience

Bedroom beat crafter, Trevor and Ever is at it again with a brand new jaw dropping gem off his upcoming EP "New Gradience". Not much is known about the upcoming production, but I'm assuming with a strong sneak peak recently dropped on his soundcloud titled "I'm Not" that it will be something to keep your ear to the ground for.

The new track has the same warm funk feel that Trevor has almost trade marked; bouncy kicks, radiating synths and addictive vocal samples create an overwhelming amount of depth in these productions. You get an almost Good Love feel in this one and I'm really looking forward to what happens next with the talented up and coming producer.

New track "I'm Not" followed by the beautiful Good Love off the Backyard Funk EP:

trevor and ever - I'm Not.. ft. Radio Gnome Invincible by trevor and ever

trevor and ever - Good Love (May Mix) by trevor and ever

More Trevor and Ever Here:


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