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TEEBS - "yellow more new"

TEEBS, the multi-talented artist and beat-maker, has just dropped a new track called "yellow more new". If you are familiar with TEEBS, then you already know to prepare yourself for a multi-layered through the cosmos. He usually has a knack for either taking you through space or some very dark places but this time its the former. With this one; I highly suggest you listen to it on some very high quality speakers or headphones. And, I also suggest you turn up the volume to the highest comfortable level and just let the, somewhat chaotic, mixture of layers sooth you. Because that's the thing about TEEBS. You hear all these random sounds that any of them alone would sound like craziness but he manages to blend all them together until its very cohesive. Enjoy.

[soundcloud url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/27309945"]



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