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Fiordmoss - Tigermy (Live)

Fiordmoss struck a chord with me today, specifically with the track "Tigermy." The three-piece band's vocals resonate with images of Bjork but with more angst and power, and have a sound that's hard to describe lingually--it's a mix of synthed-out, eerie Scandinavian pop with singer-songwriter roots, post-dubstep and acoustic guitar sessions.

Whatever arbitrary genre label they are assigned,  Fiordmoss's product is powerful, immersive and packed full of layer upon layer of wholly good beats. Fiordmoss dropped an EP at the beginning of the year called Gliese, which you can download for free or by donation here. Also, check a live performance of "Tigermy" below, taken from the Gliese EP and stream a longer live session from Madrid here.

Download: Fiordmoss - Tigermy (Album Version)

Download: Fiordmoss - Miss Tate



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