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OVERWERK - Buzzin' and EP Release Date

OVERWERK has been making electro house for just over a year now, and yet was one of the first electro artists I ever fell in love with. Talent like that is not easy to come by and he's slowly working his way up the electro music scene, gaining popularity with almost every new track he releases. I was lucky enough to meet him and Andy's iLL the other week and managed to get a interview with the two of them which you can read here. 

Today I bring you a new original mix from his EP soon to be released. The track is called "Buzzin'", and if it's any look at what the upcoming EP is going to sound like, then we should all be very, very excited. The track starts with a nice static beat that slowly draws you into the real milk of the song. A nasty beat combined with OVERWERK's signature sounds has the track instantly reminding me of why I fell in love with him. Once the beat drops I'm again reminded of OVERWERK's own signature sound that's a combination of pop music and electro house. 

OVERWERK - Buzzin'

The Nth Degree comes out November 30th, so you all better mark this down on your calendars since it's going to be the next biggest release since Kaskade's Fire and Ice. I haven't even said the best part yet - this upcoming EP is going to be completely free. That's right, not 9.99, not even 4.99. I'm talking about free.99. Like what you've heard? Make sure to check out OVERWERK's soundcloud where 100% of his songs are free and let's be serious, who doesn't like free stuff!?!

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