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Artist Remixed - Skrillex

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With the ability to download an entire studio for immediate use (on your lap), there are thousands of popular artists out there making new singles all the time. But with this influx of bedroom producers, original songs have become more scarce. Now it seems that you finding tens of thousands of remixes by artists with increasingly more ludicrous names, leaving to you wonder: "Transexual Viking Sword Bro- what???." This weekly segment will bring you the popular remixes and the never heard of "Transexual Viking Sword Brothers" remixes of an artist's singles. From all these bedroom producers we are seeing one thing, and that is absolutely fantastic, manipulated, warped remixes.

So lets clear things up first shall we? Who is Skrillex? A god? I know this idea has crossed my mind several times that's for sure. I should also mention that we here at EARMILK know that Skrillex is a "love em" or "hate em" type artist. But, no one could doubt he has talent as he wouldn't of made it this far. You may not like everything he puts out but you should at least recognize talent. In making this post, it felt only necessary (essential really) to honour such talent with such a worthy Anthology of all of Skrillex's songs put together into an amazing roller coaster ride taking you from one drop to another. Save the Rave's massive mashup takes you on a journey from one Skrillex sound to another. 

      Anthology (Save The Rave Hellish Mashup)
Download: Skrillex - Anthology (Save The Rave 'Hellish' Mashup)

Almost all of the fun in making these posts is finding the remixes. I think I can honestly say that this is one of my favourite "Artist Remixed" I've ever done. This or my "Artist Remixed - Pheonix." Again this posts layout is like the previous week "Artist Remixed - Mord Fustang" with my top favourites and than an additional amount to please your cravings. There were so many unique remixes that I had found while searching that were absolutely cleansing to my filthy dubstep mind. Not only does this post include remixes but you can find remakes, mashups, anthologys, re-edits, pretty much everything. I'm sure half of you readers are going to hate this while the other half will need to go through audio therapy after getting your mind shackled by dubstep. 




10. The SoniXx Remix

 A fast intro quickly brings you into the drop to take you on a hellish dubstep nighmare. SoniXx's remix is fulled with tune and static dubstep that leaves your head in a twirl. A great remix and coming in just at number 10 it's a great way to start off my list of remixes. 

      10 Ruffneck (The SoniXx Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Ruffneck (The SoniXx Remix)


9. 12 Planet Remix

Not the first time we see Skrillex and 12 Planet in the same sentence and I'm sure it's not going to be the last either. This remix of Skrillex's original softer track puts a new rough beat bouncing back and forth dubstep look on the track. The remix reminds me of a group of small dinosaurs fighting over eggs. "The fuck?" is most likely what you just wondered after reading that. 

      09 All I Ask Of You (12th Planet Remix)
Download: Skrillex - All I Ask Of You (12th Planet Remix)


8. Zomboy Remix

Zomboy's remix takes on a whole new look of the original track. The dubstep brings out a whole new side to the original. Great work from Zomboy that many consider is the new Skrillex? Alot more scattered and hectic but yet the remix brings it harder than ever with a furious rain of a static synth even Skrillex himself would wince at hearing.

      08 Still Getting It (Zomboy Remix)
Download:Foreign Beggars Feat. Skrillex - Still Getting It (Zomboy Remix)


7. Merk Meets Andy Remix

This remix has an almost disco sound to it and brings you into the original track with a pop intro. From simply hearing this the first time I knew I was going to like it. It than slowly brings you into the original track with a beat that reminds you of the original.

      07 First Of The Year (Equinox) (Merk Meets Andys Remix)
Download: Skrillex - First Of The Year (Equinox) (Merk Meets Andys Remix)


6. Restless Remix

I'm sure you thought First of the Year (Equinox) couldn't get any better with it's hard drops and technical beat? Well Restless is here to prove you wrong with his first remix ever made. If this is what Restless is making when he first starts I don't want to know what he's making now. The gentle build up has you clueless when you hear the space-like drop. Added just the right amount of filth to give your ears just what they wanted to hear.

      06 First Of The Year (Restless Remix)
Download: Skrillex - First Of The Year (Restless Remix)


5. Mark Mackenzie Remix

I've featured Mark before in my Mord Fustang post as my overall favourite remix. I'm happy to bring him back to your attention with another major remix. It has the same Mark Mackenzie electro house feel with the same synth rubs and electro noise trash. Great work. 

      05 Kill Everybody (Mark Mackenzie Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Mackz Remix)


4. Skrillex Remix

Who better to remix Skrillex than Skrillex himself. I once saw on a youtube comment someone say, "Only the best of the best remix themselves." Ever since reading the comment I've believed it to be true. Look at Justice, Daft Punk, Mr. Oizo and now Skrillex. Anyone that can admit their tracks are not the best they can be and tries to improve their own work is the best of the best. 


      My Name Is Skrillex (Skrillex Remix)
Download: Skrillex - My Name Is Skrillex (Skrillex Remix)


3. Disrupt the Scene Remix

I've found that Weekends!!! by Skrillex is usually girls favourite track by Skrillex. Something I've noticed over time, I don't know why but I've seemed to notice it. If your a girl reading this please post your favourite track so we can build some legitimate statistics here. On the note of Disrupt the Scenes remix though it's one of a few remixes on here that I like better than the original. It has a high pace electro house beat with a pop-like drop that keeps me moving constantly. 

      03 Weekends (Disrupt The Scene Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Weekends!!! (Disrupt The Scene Remix)


2. NEUS Remix

One of the first remixes I heard of the original and arguably one of the best. The drop alone is so laughable taking the original "OMG!" vocals and turning them into a funny spewl. The dubstep makes me wince, the drop makes me laugh and the remix makes me want more. Great work NEUS. 

      02 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (NEUS Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (NEUS Remix)


1. Malison Remix

Oh how I love this remix, so so much. The original was a great track that had the right level of suspence right before the drop. The dubstep in the original is terrifying and is a all time favourite track of Skrillex for me. This remix though takes parts of the original and turns it into so much more. Malison has seen something in the orginal that no one else saw. A new way to show this track, a way to actually remix it with perfect timing, editing and mixing. The whole remix has a pop vibe to it that I absolutely love. Malison is simply not getting the attention he deserves for his work. I'm talking four followers on Soundcloud people. I've given the soundcloud player for his track (where your still able to download) so we can give him some attention he deserves. And promise me readers you'll check out his soundcloud and see the great work he's doing.

Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Malison. Remix)

Malison on Soundcloud




3. Malu's Sliced'n'Diced Mashup

 Three huge electro dubstep names all combined into one massive track. One of the few mashups I really enjoy, it has all the right amounts from each of the three original tracks. Massive tune. Enjoy.


Feed Me vs. Knife Party vs. Skrillex - My Pink Reptile Party (Maluu's Slice'n'Diced Mashup)


2. Freefire Mashup

This amazing mashup takes Cinema and features it with another outstanding dubstep song into a massive collab. I love this mashup because it plays on both tracks hopping back and forth so smoothly. You can instantly hear sounds from Cinema than sounds Future Proof boucning back and forth in a slaughtering field of electro thrash and dub mania.  

      02 Future Proof Cinema (FreeFire Mashup)
Download: Skrillex - Future Proof Cinema (FreeFire Mashup)


1. LFOMG Mashup

Who better for Skrillex's track to be combined with than no other than Skrillex? This is a great piece of work combining 3 of Skrillex's track into a smooth blend mixing the sounds and dubstep. Teasing and playing with your ears, this mashup does Skrillex justice. 

      01 Kill Everybody (LFOMG Mashup)
Download: Skrillex - Kill Everybody (LFOMG Mashup)



I've included many other remixes in this post that drew my antention. There was simply so many remixes of Skrillex that I decided to choose around 30 that I liked and picked 10 from those 30. Highlights in this pile on Traxiones Remake, Trypt Remix and the Funkfeller Sadistic Noize Remix. 

      Still Getting It (DASTRO Remix)
Download: Foreign Beggars Feat. Skrillex - Still Getting It (DASTRO Remix)

      Still Getting It (DAKK vs SLICE Remix)
Download: Foreign Beggars Feat. Skrillex - Still Getting It (DAKK vs SLICE Remix)

      Scatta (DJ Cradle Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Scatta (DJ Craddle Remix)

      Slats Slats Slats (Dolores Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Slats Slats Slats (Dolores Remix)

      Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Traxione Remake)
Download: Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Traxione Remake)

      Scary Monsters%20%20Nice Sprites (NEUS Part II Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (NEUS 'Part II' Remix)

      Ruffneck (Flex) (Telmini Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Ruffneck (Flex) (Telmini Remix)

      Scary Monsters%20%20Nice Sprites (Cyrex Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Cyrex Remix)

      Promises (Tolgars Syphonmy of Destruction Rework)
Download: Nero Feat. Skrillex - Promises (Tolgars Syphonmy of Destruction Rework)

      Reptile (DREKKEN Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Reptile (DREKKEN Remix)

      Kill Everybody (Sippors Dubstep Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Sippor's Dubstep Remix)

      Kill Everybody (Crystalised Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Kill Everybody (Crystalised Remix)

      Kill Everbody (Funkefeller Sadistic Noize Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Kill Everbody (Funkefeller Sadistic Noize Remix)

      Cinema (Evil Analog Re-Edit)
Download: Skrillex - Cinema (Evil Analog Re-Edit)

      Cat Rats (SUBDUE Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Cat Rats (SUBDUE Remix)

      All I Ask Of You (Trypt Remix)
Download: Skrillex - All I Ask Of You (Trypt Remix)

      Ruffneck Swagga (DJ Burnout Mashup)
Download: Skrillex - Ruffneck Swagga (DJ Burnout Mashup)

      08 Reptile (Crowd Control Remix)
Download: Skrillex - Reptile (Crowd Control Remix)

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Corey Rca Adamson
9 years ago

ok....the malison remix....total bit right? that was horrible

Alex Kyle
Alex Kyle
9 years ago

Leonard you're unreal brah

- ak

9 years ago

just wanted to tell you that artist remixed posts are awesome, keep it up

9 years ago
Reply to  wilma

Thanks man (L) 

8 years ago

Skrillex should team up with Tommy Lee and blow the industry wide open with amazing beats.