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Alicia Hush - Tattle Tails EP

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In addition to DJ'ing and producing, Alicia is half of Hushlamb Productions (alongside friend Sarah Lamb), who both help make it possible for electronic-music lovers to make it out to see very high-quality acts. Not driven by monetary gain but instead by their mutual love for music, Alicia and Sarah are an integral part of the Toronto music scene. Thanks to people like them, a de-commercialized and communal music collective driven by peace an love as opposed to by alcohol and money is kept alive.

Alicia already has a number of releases under her belt, her most recent coming just a few weeks ago via Emote Music, entitled the Tattle Tails EP. Check out previews of all the EP's tracks below.

EM041 - Alicia Hush - Tattle Tails EP by Emote Music

It's hard to believe that electronic music as clean sounding as Alicia's is being created right under our noses here in North America--but perhaps that's simply because the quality of her music is much higher than what Torontonians are exposed to on a regular weekend basis.

Included below are some picks from Alicia's soundcloud. "Boysenberry Slide" is particularly entrancing, be sure to check them all out for yourself.

Alicia Hush - Boysenberry Slide by alicia hush

Alicia Hush - 2 Step Sundae by alicia hush

You can buy Alicia's Tattle Tails EP and other music at the following online retailers: 

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