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DJ Trademark – The Afterparty EP

When it comes to mash-ups, there are the good, the great, and the insanely good. 3LAU and Kap Slap happen to be a part of the insanely good category, due in part to their ability to drop monster mashes. In my opinion, DJ Trademark has joined 3LAU and Kap Slap in that category. 

"Insanely good" is what I think when I start listening to DJ Trademark's The Afterparty EP, even if I am listening to it for the thirtieth-time through. These tracks are tailor-made for weekend parties–upbeat, electronic beats perfectly paired with vocal samples that would get any party raging. Some of my personal favourites are listed below just so you can get a good idea of what the EP consists of–with a complete EP download link provided. Even though the EP is titled The Afterparty, these tracks are by no means restricted to the title's time reference; they are equally (if not more-so) suited to peak-hour play.

      01 Starburst
Download: DJ Trademark – Starburst

      02 Pastel
Download: DJ Trademark – Pastel

      04 Save You
Download: DJ Trademark – Save You

      06 Deep End
Download: DJ Trademark – Deep End

 Download: DJ Trademark – The Afterparty EP

Dance · Mash Up


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  • i am a fan and follower of this great blog. good get to know good music offside the boring mainstream we have to swallow. sorry but… this is so commercial guetta style. the first track sounds pretty good produced for partying but the vocals make it so irritating and tear down the whole track. why? good to have electronic music after 20years finally catching the US in bigger steps than before but sometimes it sounds all the same, cheap and like some mean 90´s eurodance stuff we already had. and i loved a lot of that! (they´re even covering that shit -snoop dog etc.) ;) so many times it seems to me that some good tracks better never have been given any vocals…
    but only my opinion. if it makes you dance go for it..! so anyway thanks for posting.

    Avatar EmanX October 27, 2011 2:41 PM Reply
  • dirty …

    Avatar gabe November 13, 2011 10:23 AM Reply

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